Common SEO Mistakes

Are You Making Common SEO Errors?

The thought of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very simple. To acquire top standing on the major search engines, so you receive the first chance at the targeted traffic.

As uncomplicated as the reasoning is, and at the same time basic as the most common ways of accomplishing SEO success are, many website and blog owners are implementing critical errors that cost them a large amount in energy and time.

Update: I have friendly ‘free’ advice for the wordpress webmasters.  The absolute best way to cut back on SEO mistakes is to utilize a free plug-in by TechblissOnline.  Their site is (presently 7.21.2014) rated 7/10 PR so it must work for them!  The name of this marvel is  Platinum SEO Pack.  As I said it is free, but you are welcome to donate.   The features are so many I will have to do a whole new post later.  Follow the links above to the feature page and you will see how much work this plugin can save you….like automating the Tag problems discussed here.

Tag: You’re It, with WYSIWYG

Tags are all too often misinterpreted , and perhaps disregarded entirely by newbie on-line marketers and bloggers. It’s really easy to overlook the most simple of website or blog development factors when computer programs or platforms implement the making for you. When it comes to the vast majority of scenarios a web site creator has meta tags concealed within the menu bar.

Because most of the well known blog software are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), users accomplish building their web site by using the webpage window, and as a consequence don’t actually consider the title of the saved computer file, much less all of the underlying tag words.  Tip: track the top bar as you produce your webpage. When this tells you “home” you really would be really missing out on a bunch of fantastic SEO juice.

Double Tagging

You should modify the home page to reflect the agency name containing keywords , however you don’t need each and every blog page found on the website to actually contain the exact title. You reduce the increased SEO edge associated with numerous pages if they are all the same. You actually must furthermore refrain from letting the pages to be tagged containing commonly used names, including about, links, features etc. For instance , if perhaps you maintain web page on the subject of your Arabian horse mating ranch your current front-page may possibly be tagged Prominent Arabian Horses , and yet you really want your additional web pages to reflect the actual written content while utilizing SEO advantageous tags at the same time.

Instead of “about” utilize, The Well known Arabian Breeding Heritage, as opposed to Ponies.  When introducing your stock or product use something for instance as, My Memorable Arabian Stallions, Arabian Mares.

Non-Descriptive Calls to Action

One of the biggest issues has been linking out to somewhat of a broad expression, for example click here. You might observe this method more or less all the time and it happens to be a beneficial motivational method that will help get consumers to check out a link. The main issue is in fact that particular link is not search engine valuable. Every one of the hyperlinks in the web-site will ideally take search-engine juice. Besides labeling them containing often used phrases , set to follow the link in the actual content material (bold assuming you want to be a lot more intense ) and then link to a description of what you’d like people to visit. For instance: To obtain more information click here for advanced advertising practices.

The Difficulties with ‘Now’

People are living in a ‘Now’ world. Inevitably , after the laborious and hard work creating your site, the most frequent misstep marketers make can be quitting too quickly. the need of having the thing that people desire right away is rather ingrained within our psyche. But the truth is, SEO will take a little energy. Don’t anticipate website traffic to rush to your internet site the afternoon after you submit it, even when you’ve done every single thing right. It can take weeks, and even months before you can see real success from your work.  Be patient and never stop working on your SEO.  Test, test, and test more.

Testing and Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool for tracking just about everything on your site.  And its free.  GA is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers.  It can be a bit intimidating at first but they have great ‘How to’ courses on their Webmaster Tool section.  Use it, you will see the benefits immediately!



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